Hummingbird Trial

10th February 2022By Chris Forster

A proposed RCT looking at the impact of using Donor Human Breast Milk vs Formula. The purpose of this study is to find out if there are differences in feeding and growth in preterm (premature) babies that are given donor human milk. Donor human milk is given if there is a shortage in the supply … Read More

N3 Winter Meeting

4th February 2022By Chris Forster

The Winter Meeting is just around the corner and is taking place next Thursday 10th February from 1300-1700. Registration is free and can be done by following the link on our Events Page

N3 Winter Meeting 2022

11th January 2022By Chris Forster

Save the date! The N3 Winter Meeting is on the 10th February 2022. For more information head to the Events Page and follow the link to the online registration form


15th December 2021By Chris Forster

DOLFIN aims to answer the research question: In babies with a brain injury, does nutritional supplementation with a novel nutritional supplement plus usual care from birth to 12 months of age corrected for prematurity improve cognitive development at 2 years of age corrected for prematurity? For more information please visit

N3 Newsletter

15th December 2021By Chris Forster

The very first N3 Newsletter should now have landed in your inbox. If not please make sure you are registered with the site and check your spam. This will hopefully be the first of many and we are looking for any thoughts or ideas about what would make it useful and informative. Please send any … Read More

Nutrition Resources are Live!

16th September 2021By Chris Forster

There are now a host of nutrition resources such as useful link and recent literature covering everything from enteral feeds to PN and supplementation. They are found in the ‘Nutrition Resources’ tab

N3 Education Day 2021

30th June 2021By Chris Forster

The videos and resources from the N3 Education Day on 24th June are now live – head over the Events Page to find them!