We promote the importance of neonatal nutrition through educational events and collaborative research & innovation

Neonatal Nutrition Network (N3)

The Neonatal Nutrition Network (N3) first formed in 2003, and now has over 400 multi-disciplinary health professional members.

A small group of neonatologists met in Edinburgh in 2003 to share our interests in improving the nutrition of sick and premature infants on NICUs. We have met at least twice yearly since then, and for the last 6 years have run a successful educational meeting in London that takes place in June. We do not have a formal membership or committee structure, and our events and activities are coordinated by a core group. There is no membership fee, but all members must be active in clinical practice, advocacy or research in the area of neonatal nutrition. Industry or commercial employees are NOT permitted to join. We do not accept any sponsorship from companies producing formula milk but we do accept small amounts of financial support from companies who produce relevant equipment or other products to support neonatal nutrition. These are important in helping us fund our meeting. Convenors, speakers and facilitators may receive support for travel and/or accommodation to attend the educational meeting but all their time is given for free.


Draft constitution March 2019

Aim of the Group

To improve the outcome of sick or preterm newborn infants by optimising feeding and nutrition


• Prioritising and facilitating research
• Facilitating networking amongst professionals
• Promoting best practice by running educational study days for health professionals

Links to other Professional Groups

The Group has informal links with RCPCH, BAPM, BSPGHAN, NDiG and the BDA


Open to all health professionals with an interest in nutrition who are active in the clinical care of sick or preterm newborn infants. Employees of commercial organisations are not permitted to join or access the member’s only area. Parents or others working for parent advocacy, support or charity organisations will be encouraged to join.

Organising committee

We are a voluntary organisation and do not hold charitable status. We do not publish guidelines or make recommendations on clinical practice, but our members in their professional roles may be involved in such activities. We do not take responsibility for our members in these or other activities. There is no membership fee. We do not have elected officers, but activities are coordinated by a small core group.


(a) Meetings of the group will be held twice a year, usually in January (winter meeting) and in June. This summer meeting will coincide with our annual education meeting that typically takes place in central London in order to facilitate access
(b) The winter meeting venue will be rotated, with a local member helping to organise the meeting
(c) Attendance at the annual education meeting will be charged. Financial aspects will be organised by University College Hospitals, London and will be published in our meeting reports.
(d) Speakers or facilitators may receive a contribution to cover the costs of economy class travel and accommodation if needed
(e) Charities or other non-profit organisations may be able to place a stand at the meeting

Funding and Relationship with Commercial Organisations

1. Sponsorship may be sought from commercial organisations to support meetings. Such sponsorship may include manufacturers of parenteral nutrition, venous access devices etc. but will only be accepted on the basis that there is no attempt to influence the unbiased academic function of the Group
2. We do not accept any sponsorship from manufacturers of breast milk substitutes.
3. Relationships with commercial organisations will comply with clause 19.1 of the code of practice of the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry, and the code of practice of the US Institute of Medicine
4. Commercial sponsorship will be documented for each meeting